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J6 Series

Vacuum, Pressure Switch

The J6 is a reliable, sensitive pressure switch, originally designed for instrument air applications in process plants. Its compact design and combination of set-point sensitivity and narrow or optional adjustable deadband, offers cost-saving solutions for a variety of applications.


The J6 is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial processes such as alarm/shutdown and low/high service pressures. OEMs also utilize the J6 in machinery and equipment for threshold protection.

  • ​ Rugged, NEMA 4X, epoxy coated enclosure
  • ​ Single switch output
  • ​ SPDT switch output
  • ​ Adjustable deadband versions available
  • ​ Adjustable ranges:
    • 30 “Hg Vac to 6000 psi
    • 1 bar Vac to 414 bar
  • ​ Approvals: UL, CSA, CE
  • ​ Optional ATEX or GOST intrinsic safety compliance
  • ​ Designed to meet Enclosure Type 4X
  • ​ SPDT switch output
  • ​ Adjustable deadband option for precise on-off control
  • ​ Brass or welded stainless steel bellows sensors
  • ​ External manual reset option


  • Gasketed, Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure with Epoxy Coating
  • ​SPDT Switch Output
  • ​Adjustable Deadband Option
  • ​Sealed, Isolated Metal Bellows Sensors
  • ​Adjustable Pressure Ranges: 30 ”Hg Vac to 6000 psi (-1 to 414 bar)

Technical Specifications

J6 Series Pressure and Vacuum Switches

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