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J40 Series

Skeleton Pressure and Vacuum Switches

The J40 can be utilized in OEM applications where compact size and performance are required. The sealed bellows sensor provides a “leak-free” sensor for applications where elastomers are unacceptable. Proven reliability involving sterilizers, plasma-cutting, anesthesia equipment, and even protective switching devices for power equipment, have made the J40 a versatile OEM pressure switch.


  • Open frame construction
  • ​SPDT switch output
  • ​Sealed metal bellows sensors
  • ​Compact size
  • ​Proven reliability
    • 30 “Hg Vac to 300 psi
    • 1 bar Vac to 20,5 bar
  • ​Approvals: UL, CSA
  • ​JIT Delivery


  • Sealed metal bellows sensor
  • ​Brass or phosphor bronze wetted material
  • ​Compact size
  • ​Easy external adjustment
  • ​AdjustaOptional adjustable deadband switch
  • ​UL recognized for the US and Canada; CE compliant to LVD & PED

Technical Specifications

J40 Series Skeleton Pressure and Vacuum Switches

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